2012 Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Art Competition


6th Annual CAC Art Competition

Community Advisory Committee and Art Show and
Poster Competition bring teachers, students and families together.

CAC art work
Poster Contest Winner: Michael Csernica

There was a festive atmosphere in the SCCOE Board Room the evening of Wednesday, February 22, 2012 as live music played and administrators, teachers, students, families and friends chatted and enjoyed scrumptious treats. The occasion was the 6th Annual CAC Art Show reception, celebrating the artistic talents of students with special needs in Santa Cruz County. Approximately one-hundred people attended.

The art brightened the walls of the SCCOE building throughout February. The theme was “In the Quiet of the Night” and the students were free to interpret this as they liked, resulting in many different ideas. All those attending had the opportunity to look at the art and vote for the one picture that they liked the best. Also, local artists were enlisted as judges and given the task of choosing one picture to be used for this year’s CAC poster, which is put on display at every public school site.

With ninety-six entries the art show has grown in popularity since its inception six years ago and students from pre-school through post-secondary education took part. The concept for the Art Competition and Reception was the brainchild of Wendy Harrison, who continues to coordinate the event each year. The art was of a high standard and showcased the students’ sense of color and texture, imagination and creativity. The students who were able to attend were delighted to see their work on display and proud to show their work to family and friends. The music was provided by Kent McMasters, playing Chapman Stick.

Tied for First Place Popular Vote:
Angel Zaleta Rodriguez
Tied for First Place Popular Vote:
Makenna Conlon

The event was sponsored by The Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is a group of parents, educators and other interested community members, who want to make a difference in the education of all of our children. The goal of the CAC is to improve and protect the education of children with special needs.